About Our Family

Welcome to the Dilan Family website! When you have a husband that builds websites for a living, you end up with a family website. Just like when you marry a CPA, everything is done in excel. Johnny and I have been married for over 6 years now! Seems like yesterday we were having our first date and now we have not one, but two babies!

How did I tell Johnny I was pregnant?

For about two years I’ve had it planned out how I would deliver the news to Johnny. It’s kind of our thing but we’re obsessed with lotto and scratch-off’s so I figured, let me have him scratch off the words that will tell him “We’re having a baby”.  But I definitely never pictured the day turning out the way it did. 

I was driving Johnny’s car that week because my car was getting fixed (from that time I ran into my garage and basically took off the side of the garage wall) and I accidentally ran over something on I95 on the way home. I didn’t have a flat and I planned on telling Johnny when I got home that night but I forgot.  The next day Johnny calls me from work and says he has a flat tire and has to go to two separate places after work to get it fixed. Needless to say, he was not happy with me. 

He didn’t go to Kendo that night so I thought, let me take the pregnancy test and see what happens. I was convinced it would be negative like all the other ones I’ve taken over the past few years (but secretly still hopeful).  When that pregnancy test result was positive, I was stunned. My jaw dropped, my eyes went wide and I started pacing around the room thinking about how this is the night I’ve been dreaming about my entire life, telling my husband we’re going to have a baby!

I get downstairs and see that he’s still in his office.  I set up the phone to record it all and yelled down to him to see if he was coming upstairs. He said he still needed to cool down.  I was freaking out with having this news all to myself! I made some food for the week and an hour later, Johnny finally comes upstairs still “highly annoyed”.  I say, “Here, I got scratch-off’s for us” and as he scratches his off I am fake scratching mine, not taking my eyes off him for a second. Finally he realizes what it says and he goes “Ohhhhh”. This is the always cool, always calm Johnny taking in the news.  Finally, its sinking in and we hug and revel in the moment and talk about telling our families. We’re happy. We’re shocked.  It’s not exactly how I imagined the night going but it was amazing and I wouldn’t change a thing.

How We Found It We are Having Twins Girls (Fraternal)!

Johnny and I went to the doctor for our first ultrasound.  And while I was trying to stay positive, I was scared out of my mind that they wouldn’t find a heartbeat. I’m laying on the table basically not breathing and the doctor looks at the screen and says, “Oh”. I’m like, “Oh what?” because that could’ve meant a million things. She says, “I see two heartbeats”.  I start balling because I basically went from thinking there would be no heartbeat to having two heartbeats! I look over at Johnny and I see him with eyes wide and he was bracing the wall.  We were stunned and not expecting it. We feel like we won the lottery. I hadn’t even changed into my clothes yet and Johnny is wanting to text his mom from the ultrasound room that we’re having twins!  I had to calm him down and tell him it would be better over the phone. He was too excited. I was freaking out. My hands were visibly shaking.  We called our family – My mom said, “Holy Sh*t”. My cousin screamed in her office at work.  Johnny’s dad said, “I guess you’ll be getting a minivan now”, which I swore we wouldn’t do.  But what do we own now, a minivan. It’s still hard to believe we’re having two babies! We better get used to it fast!